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Blossom newsletter archive has the entire collection of our newsletters from the last two years. Please feel free to browse around and download any of our previous newsletters.

July 2014 Newsletter

  • Inflation Rate & Typical Spread Suggest Higher Interest Rates Ahead
  • A Simple Plan
  • Fight or Flight?
  • Inflation, Not Rising Rates, Biggest Bond Threat in the Long Term

June 2014 Newsletter

  • Large Stock Dividend Yield v/s 10- Year Treasury Yield
  • Maxing Out a 401(k) … or Not?
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Financial Aid for College: A Few Tips

May 2014 newsletter

  • Investors May ‘Prefer’ to Look Elsewhere for Yield
  • Mutual Fund Tax Bills Are Rising
  • Five Reasons to Let a Sleeping 401(k) Lie
  • Tune Out the Noise

April 2014 Newsletter

  • Quick Facts: Retirement
  • The Great Yield Chase
  • Find the Right IRA in Three Easy Steps
  • Dividend Income: Not So Fixed

March 2014 Newsletter

  • Fed Policy, Inflation, and Interest-Rate Risk
  • Five Estate-Planning Tasks That You Shouldn’t Put Off
  • Tips for Preparing Your Taxes
  • Investors Have Most of Their Money in Intermediate Bonds