Concierge Services

Concierge Services

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1. Art, Aircraft, Nautical, and Automotive Advisory

Blossom Family Office’s advisory team can help you make informed decisions on art, aircraft, nautical and automotive selection and help you decide among the different types of ownership. We work with a number of industry professionals and can help you choose an aircraft broker or acquisition consultant, an attorney who specializes in financing, and a management and maintenance company.
2. Private Travel Arrangements 

Whether you are planning a destination wedding, want a reservation at a top restaurant, spa appointments, tee times, plan a special occasion, or tickets to a sold out event, our dedicated team of travel experts will handle every detail. Blossom Family Office’s travel planning consultants will take time to get to know your travel preferences, explore alternatives in depth, and create truly customized itineraries. Let us take care of all of the special details of your vacation so you can relax and enjoy every minute.
3. Agriculture 

Blossom Family Office has developed diversified relationships with agricultural consultants specializing in planning, production, management, extension and training and research and development.

Our team provides services to a wide range of farming operations: from small holders using basic agro-technology to modern, mechanized, large scale enterprises.

With extensive experience in agricultural production our network of consultants offer services designed to develop large scale operations for production of food commodities, fruits, vegetables, seeds, storage, viticulture, industrial crops, oil crops and crops related to the emerging bio-fuel industry.
4. Fleet Management 

Blossom Family Office advisers help maintain or purchase real estate, luxury cars, partial shares of private jets, private shares of yachts and other assets.
5. Training & Education

Keeping up with changing economic conditions, financial tools, and global investment opportunities can be difficult. Blossom Family Office helps educate families on the basics of family wealth management and financial literacy.

6. Athletes & Entertainers

We specialize in helping professional athletes and entertainers protect and grow their net worth. Using advanced technology and a partnership approach with our clients, we help coach you on how best to avoid the pitfalls that so many athletes and entertainers have fallen victim to. Providing advice on retirement planning, cash flow management, budgeting, traditional asset management, business ventures, career counseling and post career adjusting, insurance protection, and a number of other topics, we become the primary contact for our clients in all financial matters. Because we are independent, we can provide the best solutions at the lowest cost, without a bias towards proprietary products.