Asset Management

Asset Management

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1. Portfolio Management

Blossom Family Office offers investment advisory services through the identification and research of opportunities across various asset classes and geographies. Blossom Family Office’s research process is driven by a belief in the value of deep and thoughtful manager and asset class research led by senior members of the firm. The investment advice Blossom Family Office provides is primarily driven by each family’s personal investment profile. A family’s investment strategy is implemented through multiple asset managers who have a proven investment process that can be replicated and placed into a portfolio for proper diversification across countries, currencies, and assets.

A multi-manager, multi-currency approach ensures a family’s portfolio is properly diversified to meet the unique needs of each family. Manager due diligence is conducted using a systematic process based upon both quantitative and qualitative factors.

Blossom Family Office currently provides the following investment advisory services:

a. Investment policy statement creation and maintenance

b. Asset allocation strategy

c. Manager due diligence, selection, and oversight

d. Ad hoc investment research

2. Independent Advice

Whether you are building or preserving wealth, we recognize the importance of having an advisor who is knowledgeable, experienced and above all, objective. Blossom Family Office receives no compensation of any kind from the investment vehicles or services we recommend to our clients. This unbiased, objective point of view makes us unique to many of our competitors. We do not offer any proprietary investment products, nor do we accept commissions or fee sharing arrangements from mutual funds or investment managers. Our sole incentive is to help our clients with their goals and objectives, not ours.
3. Exclusive Product and Services

Our network of relationships works to the advantage of our clients, who can access investments through Blossom Family Office that are typically not available to the general public. For qualified investors we also provide access to alternative investment opportunities that cannot be purchased through banks, brokerages, and/or trust companies.
4. Lower Costs

Not only are our advisory fees typically less than those of banks, brokerages, and trust companies, but the investment vehicles we typically use also save our clients an additional level of costs that many pay without even knowing it.
5. Risk Management

Our investment team — seasoned professionals with decades of experience in evaluating investment risk — select investments and create long term asset allocation strategies for clients that seek to maximize client returns. However, risks must also be assessed and considered. By using sophisticated, thorough, and comprehensive strategies that have been tested over long periods of time, our strategies have historically provided investors with increased long term returns with less volatility.
6. Consolidated Reporting

To assist your tax and legal professionals, we provide consolidated reporting for our clients and their financial advisors. These reports analyze and report portfolio performance for accounts managed at Blossom Family Office as well as for accounts and assets held elsewhere.
7. Executive Level Service

In a world where meticulous attention to detail and great service are hard to come by, Blossom Family Office commits to uncustomary levels of attention and customer service. Our clients often have multiple roles — investor, business owner, creator of an estate, trust or foundation — and time is often in short supply: our goal is to bring clarity, convenience, and peace of mind to your complex investment challenges while saving you time through exceptional service delivery.
8. Other Products and Services

a. Personalized Investment Consulting

b. Tax-managed Strategies

c. Comprehensive Performance Reporting

d. Stock Options Analysis

e. Alternative Investments

f. Concentrated Stock Consulting

g. Real Estate Investing

h. Hedge Fund Evaluation

Whether you are building or preserving wealth, we recognize the importance of having an advisor who is knowledgeable, experienced and above all, objective.