Green Office Policy


The production and disposal of paper consumes an extraordinary amount of energy and generates significant quantities of green house gas emissions. The life cycle of a ton of paper, from production to disposal in a landfill, results in the generation of about 11 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)-green house gas emissions. Consequently, as part of our policy, we will continue to take simple and effective “best management” practices to improve our office paper management as economically feasible.

Our operations also consume a significant quantity of energy resources. We are therefore committed to improving our energy efficiency by taking simple steps such as turning off computers not in use to retrofitting our light fixtures to use energy efficient bulbs.

Transportation is also a large source of green house gas emissions. The firm will continue to encourage employees to use public transportation where available.

In accordance with this policy, Blossom Wealth Management will:

  • Assure that at least 90% of all types of paper purchased by the firm have at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.

  • Recycle at least 90% of discarded mixed office paper.

  • Where practical, set copiers and printers to provide double-sided copying and printing for all drafts and internal documents.

  • Implement office management protocols mandating the turning off of lights, computers, copiers, printers, office heating and air conditioning units, and other equipment when not in use, and drawing shades to reduce cooling demands.

  • As office equipment, including monitors, printers, copiers, and facsimile machines wear out, replace with energy efficient ENERGY STAR equipment.

  • For events, use reusable dishware when possible. If disposable dishware is necessary use recyclable or compostable containers to avoid individual condiment packets.

  • Bring laptops and tablet PCs to client appointments to decrease the amount of statements and presentation generated on paper.

  • Implement lighting system upgrades to replace fluorescent lights with energy efficient lighting, upgrade EXIT signs to use light emitting diode (LED) lamps where appropriate and install automatic motion sensor lighting where practical.

  • Encourage all employees to use municipal water supplies, rather than bottled water, and use reusable plastic cups, mugs or water bottles and discontinue the Firm’s purchase of bottle water.

  • Implement policies and strategies resulting in heating and air conditioning efficiencies.

  • Provide recycling containers at convenient and appropriate locations.