Gregory Berkin is an entrepreneur who founded the first educational software company for the Macintosh Computer in 1984. His products became worldwide best-sellers, winning numerous awards including MacWorld’s “Best-Selling Software Award” and Apple’s “Reader’s Choice Award”. He also received entrepreneurial recognition as ‘One of the Top 100 Student Entrepreneurs’ in 1985 while earning his degree from the State University of New York. He grew the company from the ground up as a bootstrapped venture to a multi-million dollar software company with subsequent sale to a Dutch publishing company.

He established the Northern Advanced Technologies Corporation (NATCO), a research and development park in upstate New York and spent time in Ottawa and Montreal working with fellow software companies encouraging high technology development and educational software advancement. He is a pioneering developer of advanced consumer software applications and technologies for education, productivity, video, art, filmmaking, post-production, broadband, internet and mobile platforms.

Greg is also an accomplished director and producer of several independent feature films, documentaries and television pilots. He produced the pilot episode for “Antiques Roadshow,” directed and produced a documentary about The 50th Anniversary Winter Antiques Show, Act of Magic and a feature documentary about Las Vegas shot in high definition to be released in 2009. Greg’s recent start-up venture is Think Mobile, Inc., a venture-backed technology/media company distributing feature films for mobile devices. Think Mobile will launch a mobile media website delivering a library of feature films from major Hollywood studios early next year.

He is a featured speaker and author on high technology and he is also a blue-ribbon judge for the Engineering and Technology Emmy Awards. He collects historic Italian sports cars and lives in San Jose, California.