Blossom has always been very active in the community. We have held positions in business accelerators, as directors of companies, members of the Board of Trustees for universities and, since the beginning, as advisors to companies. Over time we have found that the most rewarding experiences have been in wellness, making professional connections and sports.


We believe the most successful families understand the complimentary nature of financial and physical health. For us, being extremely wealthy in retirement is of little value if you can’t keep up with your grandchild at the park or travel during retirement. Similarly, being super fit is of unimportant if you need to keep working late into your 70’s in order to pay the bills. Our goal is to make people’s lives more efficient thereby enabling them to focus on what they do best today so that they can reap the benefits later in life.

Flight 2 Freedom

Connecting people that can benefit professionally from meeting one another is one of the best feelings one can experience. We did this for a dozen years informally before we decided to organize events that specifically cater to making professional introductions. As the initial flagship event was held in an airport hangar, we’ve continued to call them “Flight 2 Freedom”. For some this means rapidly expanding their small business. For others it is crafting a seamless succession plan where others can continue their serving clients in a similar manner. For everyone it is meeting inspiring professionals with passion, integrity and a pay-it-forward mentality.



Blossom Wealth Management and Leopard Cycles coming together to promote wellness.
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Our hope is to create a creative environment for people to forge new friendships. We believe that an individuals success depends upon open communication between academics, entrepreneurs, government officials, financiers and other specialists. We plan to propel the story along in an efficient manner by pre-planning private meetings and group introductions within the exclusive Flight 2 Freedom community.






Budgets distinguish between needs and wants. Most non discretionary expenses (utilities, mortgage, etc.) are needs. Many discretionary expenses (entertainment, gifts, etc.) are wants. Accurate budgets help identify items that you can forgo today in exchange for attaining larger goals sooner.



Economic uncertainty brings danger as well as opportunity. Those who have saved three to six months worth of living expenses in a liquid account are positioned to adjust to a job loss, health scare, or unexpected repair without derailing longer term goals.


Most people make more money as they get older. With this added financial strength comes the responsibility to continuously work through savings plateaus and increase your financial contributions.


Wellness is a happy balance of physical and mental health. Financial fitness is an integral stress reducing component of wellness. It includes a diversified portfolio with the right mix of stocks, bonds, cash and alternatives. Assets are optimized consistent with goals, timeline and risk. Financially fit people also have the peace of mind to pursue hobbies, sports or spend time with family and friends. They work hard and play hard.

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